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Dear English Learners,

Welcome to!  My name is David and I am an experienced English teacher of 5 years. I am currently based in Prague, Czech Republic, and I am looking to help you boost your confidence in using English tenses correctly.  The English tense system is so complicated, so I have a range of materials for you to check out on my site.  

I have written explanations to give you the full rules behind how English tenses work.  I also use simple diagrams, which are great for visual learners and offer a more entertaining way to find which tense you need.  

For those who have no time for rules, I have a tense generator to help you find which tense you need, simply by answering 5 simple questions!

There is also a test yourself section with quizzes, sentence-matching exercises and downloadable worksheets which are also suitable for teachers.

For more advanced learners, check out my 'Advanced English For Professionals' blog, where I have entertaining and educational posts aiming to help students with business English vocabulary and grammar.

If you would like more help with your English, I also offer advanced business English lessons on Skype. If you would like to find out more about the Skype courses I offer, click on the link above or email me at  

Good luck with your English learning!

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David Cox

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Don't know which tense you need? No time to read through our boring rules? nswer no more than 5 simple questions and we will find your tense for you right here!