About the Founder

photo face thumbnail Welcome to my website!  

Hi, my name is David and I am the author of the site.  I am an experienced EFL teacher based in Prague, Czech Republic.  I teach both general and business English to students of all levels.  I have a passion for languages and linguistics, and I first became interested in teaching English when I went travelling after university.  I was extremely surprised by the fact that people I met from all over the world were so keen to practise and improve their English, so I decided I wanted to help. As soon as I returned I enrolled for a TEFL course in Prague, Czech Republic, and I have been teaching here ever since. From a linguistic perspective, the part of English that interests me the most is the English tense system.  As any learner will know, the English tense system is very complicated, not just for my students here in the Czech Republic, but also for students everywhere around the world.  In my experience, many students have benefited from the use of diagrams, as well as explanations, to explain to them more clearly how English tenses work. I started the tree diagrams on the website with my students a few years ago, and found that this improved students' understanding of which tense they required in certain situations. I have found that these diagrams work especially well with visual learners, who also found our diagrams fun to work with. If you have any questions about us or about our site please feel free to get in touch in the contact us section, or send us an email at office@englishtenses.eu. Hope you enjoy the site David Cox