Can or Be able to Gap-Fill

Fill in the gaps with can / could / be able to / to be able to plus an appropriate verb.  Some of the verbs you need are given in brackets, some of the verbs you have to think of yourself.  Then click submit to see how well you did!

1. Fill in the gaps with either can / could / be able to /to be able to + an appropriate  verb

I would really love a foreign language

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2. When I was younger I the guitar.

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3. I hope the conference doesn’t finish too late, I have to meet a friend at 7pm.  We may early

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4. Our bus was late, we thought we were going to miss the start of the performance, but luckily we ran and we at the theatre on time.

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5. Unfortunately, so far we (not finish) the report because we only started it this morning.  It should be finished by 5pm.

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6. Usain Bolt faster than anyone else in the 100 metre sprint.

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7. I have just bought my first car, it will be nice to work every day.

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8. Michael was extremely excited when he arrived home.  Earlier that day he his driving test at the first attempt!

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