Future from the Past Quiz

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Some of the sentences in the following questions talk about the future from the past, some of the questions just talk about the future.  Choose the correct form of the verb:


I ___________ take the dog for a walk but it was so cold outside!


We ___________ at the train station at 9am, can you be there for that time?


I ___________ water the plants but I completely forgot about it!


I think we ___________ do very well in the competition, we have been training very hard!


If you knew the meeting ___________ at 9 then why did you arrive half an hour late?


I thought it ___________ rain so I took my umbrella with me.


I plan to visit my friend so I ___________ leave work early.


I ___________ finish this report today but I haven’t been given all of the information I need to do it.


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