Future Tenses Quiz

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This beach looks amazing! I think we  ___________ this place!


I __________ take you to the airport tomorrow if you want me to.


My plane ___________ at Manchester airport at &pm tomorrow evening


While we are here we ___________ the Colosseum on one of the days, it depends on the weather.


What shall we do today? Hmmm we ___________ to the beach while the sun is out!


I’m sorry but I cannot come to the meal tonight, I ___________ work at 8 tonight so I ___________ make it on time!


If you tell me your secret I promise I ___________ tell anyone!


Before you ___________ make sure that you have switched off the television!


I think the earth ___________ a lot warmer in 50 years time.


I ___________ my friend in Sicily sometime this year, but I’m not sure when.


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