Future Tenses - Match the Sentence Halves

Move the sentence endings to match with the sentence beginnings, then click 'submit' to see how well you did.

1. Move the sentence endings to match with the sentence beginnings
first we are going swimming on Saturday, then on Sunday we are going hiking in the mountains.
we go swimming on Wednesday afternoon
I think we’ll go swimming today!
at 6am because we don’t want to be late
at 8.30, so we should go to the airport for 6.30
later if you don’t want to wake up so early, there is no rush!
without you if you don’t check-in on time!
at 10.30 now because there has been a delay
Look how sunny it is outside,
If you check the itinerary, you will see that
We have lots of plans for the weekend,
The plane leaves
The plane is leaving
The plane will leave
We are leaving
We will leave


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