Future with 'will'

will has three main uses:

1. To make predictions about the future:

‘I think that in 50 years time the population of the earth will be 8 billion’

We can also use ‘going to’ to make predictions about the near future, usually when can see evidence that something is going to happen:

‘I think it is going to rain later the sky is very black’

‘He is going to fall if he keeps walking along that wall’

So ‘going to’ usually talks about the near future based on evidence we can see, and ‘will’ usually talks about general predictions about the further future.]


2.  To make promises or offers:

‘I will bring the money for you next week’

‘I will help you with your homework when I have finished my dinner’

‘I will give you a lift to the station if you want’

We even use this when we are making offers for right now. A common mistake with non native speakers is to use the present simple here, when really you should use ‘will’:

would you like a glass of water?

yes please

OK I will bring you a glass

NOT I bring you a glass


3.  For spontaneous decisions or decisions made at the time of speaking.

‘I think we’ll go to the beach today because it’s a nice day’

‘I’ll have the steak, please’

For more information about which tense to use when talking about the future click on the link below:

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