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I __________ call my parents later I haven’t spoken to them for a long time!


I’m sorry I am late, I __________ stay behind at work to finish a task.


If the road is closed we may __________ go a different way.


I don’t like __________ stay in the airport overnight when our plane is delayed.


If you didn’t buy a ticket in advance then you __________ pay a little bit extra.


It is raining, but I think we will go on the boat trip anyway, I don’t want __________ cancel our reservation and lose our money.


People who earn more money should __________ pay more in taxes.


We __________ cancel our walk later because it is snowing.


I __________ remember to stop at the supermarket on the way home later to buy some milk, I need some for my cereal tomorrow.


The officials told us that we __________ our bags so that they could search them.


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