Past Perfect or Past Perfect Continuous


Fill in the gaps with the correct form of an appropriate verb in the past perfect or past perfect continuous.  Some of the verbs are given in brackets, some of the verbs you have to think of yourself.  Then click submit to see how well you did!


Pauline and Jennifer are talking about there experiences of having a personal trainer.  Fill in the gaps with the verbs in brackets in the past perfect simple or the past perfect continuous.  You need you use all the words in the brackets.

Pauline:   I joined a gym a few years ago.  I have to say I lost a lot of weight, and I still go now!

Jennifer: That´s great, I’m glad it made a difference!  (ever think) about it before?

Pauline:    Yes, well actually I (have) problems with my health so I decided to join.

Jennifer:  That was also my situation, I (always hate) the idea of going to the gym until I finally booked in with a personal trainer, now I love it!  I didn’t really like my first session, I (train) only for 5 minutes and already I was tired, so I tried to cheat my way out of doing the exercises, but my trainer (see) many students like me before, and knew exactly what to do with me! He was a great trainer, but he left 2 years ago so now I have someone else.  It’s not easy to change trainers as they have different styles.

Pauline:   He (be) your trainer for long?

Jennifer: He (train) me for 2 years before he left the gym.  He (want) to stay but he had to leave for medical reasons. I (only just get used to) to his style of training when he left, so it has been difficult to adapt again.


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