Past Perfect or Past Perfect Continuous - Match the Sentence Halves

Move the sentence endings to match with the sentence beginnings, then click 'submit' to see how well you did.

1. Move the sentence endings to match the sentence beginnings
my keys many times before, so I knew they were around the house somewhere.
to explain to him how it worked for 3 hours before he finally understood it
paella until I went to Spain for the first time
to call her 4 times, before I realised that she had changed her number
the film before, but I didn’t mind watching it again
for the whole game, but in the last minute we equalised!
the film for 2 hours when I finally fell asleep
and the boss was very angry
I had tried
I had been trying
I had never tried
I had watched
I had been watching
I had lost
We had lost,
We had been losing


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