Present Perfect or Past Simple Quiz

Answer the questions and then click 'show results', answers will be shown at the end

Choose the correct answer for the following questions..

I ___________ John in the office today, maybe I will see him later.


I ___________ this room only half an hour ago and you have already made a mess!


I ___________ as an engineer for 3 years but now I am a mechanic.


I ___________ the screen on my laptop computer, it is impossible to use it so I’m going to buy a new one!


The former football Pele ___________ 3 world cups in his career.


I ___________ swimming with dolphins when I was in New Zealand


Oh no! I ___________ in some mud and it is all over my new shoes!


This ___________ my favourite bar for 10 years, but since their change of owners the prices ___________ too high so now I go to the place across the road.


I ___________ some coffee on my shirt yesterday and now I can’t get it off!


I ___________ a kangaroo.


I ___________ football this afternoon but we lost 3-2.


___________ John recently?


I ___________ as a mechanic for 3 years and I love the job!


I ___________ my suit, but I ___________ it to the dry-cleaners and it looks OK.


Queen Elizabeth II of England ___________ in power for 61 years.


___________ that report yet? It is due tomorrow!


So far we ___________ the introduction.


I ___________ Greece 3 times since my friend ___________ there 3 years ago, and I love it!


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