Past Simple

The past simple is formed by adding -ed to the infinitive of the verb

I played              You played              He / she / it played              We played              They played

There are many irregular forms of the past simple, to see a full table of these click on the link below:

Table of Irregular Verbs

Past Simple use

The Past simple is used to talk about completed actions in the past:


‘I came home from the cinema 5 minutes ago’

‘I finished University in 1989′

If the action is not completed or the effects of the action are still relevant now, this is when we use present perfect:

‘I have broken my leg’ (it is still broken)

For a clearer picture of when to use the past simple and when to use the present perfect, click on the link below:

Present Perfect or Past Simple


The past simple is also used to talk about events following each other when you are telling stories:

‘I woke upgot out of bed, switched on the television and had some breakfast.’

For more information about tenses used for telling stories click on the link below:

Narrating Tenses