Present Perfect or Present Perfect Continuous Gap-Fill

Fill in the gaps with the correct form of an appropriate verb in the present perfect or present perfect continuous.  Some of the verbs are given in brackets, some of the verbs you have to think of yourself.  Then click submit to see how well you did!

Fill in the gaps with an appropriate verb in the present perfect or the present perfect continuous. Sometimes the verb is already given.

1. We (lose) 3 football matches already this year, our results need to improve soon!

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2. I (wait) for 1 hour for my friend to arrive and he is still not here yet!

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3. I can’t believe the repair service failed to call us back yesterday, they (do) this before!

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4. I (think) hard recently about the problems in the company, and I think I (find) a solution

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5. I (always admire) people who take risks.

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6. I (know) my friend Helen for 6 years.

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7. Profits (increase) in the company ever since the year 2007, which is a great achievement, hopefully it will continue!

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8. I don’t want to watch Titanic again, I the film many times before!

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9. I (never eat) seafood before, I hope I will like it!

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10. I (prepare) the meal all morning I hope you will like it!

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