Present Perfect or Present Perfect Continuous

The present perfect is used for single quick events

 e.g. breaking a glass – I have broken a glass NOT I have been breaking a glass

 For continuing / longer / repeating events it is possible that we may need to use the present perfect continuous:

 e.g. writing a report (this takes a long time) / calling your friend when they do not answer the phone (sometimes you call your friend many times with no answer)

but we do not use present perfect continuous all the time with continuing or repeating events, in fact we do not use it so often, but sometimes we MUST use it, click on the image below to see when we need to use present perfect continuous for continuing or repeating events..

Then test yourself with our exercises: QuizGap-FillMatch the SentencesWorksheet

Beware that there are some verbs which cannot be used in any of the continuous tenses.  Some verbs will sound strange to you in the continuous form, and it is a good idea to learn what these verbs are: Verbs that Cannot be Used in the Continuous Tenses