What is the Intermediate Course?

The intermediate course is designed to boost students' English towards advaned level. At this stage all aspects of the language are just as important as each other.  Therefore the focus is split equally between vocabulary building, fixing grammar errors, and increasing students' confidence and fluency in conversation.  Vocabulary is built through the use of interesting articles specifically adapted for boosting vocabulary.  We also use vocabulary drills every lesson to ensure that students retain the words they have learnt in previous weeks.  Articles are great for leading into deep discussions, which can be rewarding, and help students to increase their confidence and fluidity when talking across a range of topics.  All aspects of English grammar are covered in the course.  The main focus is on limiting errors, especially in conversation.  The other focus is to get students to use more complex structures in general conversation in order to increase their freedom of expression. 

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Intermediate Group  Courses

Group intermediate courses can be great fun for students, as they offer a great opportunity for learners to speak with people from all over the world.  As English is a truly global language, getting used to other accents is very important, especially at intermediate level, and group classes offer this opportunity.  They also presents students with a chance to discuss topics with people from very different backgrounds, whilst improving language by learning from each other's mistakes. The size of the groups in the intermediate group courses is usually 4, although sometimes it is less.  All students taking part in the course will be of intermediate level - the teacher of the course has a chance in the demo lesson to make sure that everyone's English is at the level needed for the course.   If at any point a student feels that the level of the group is too high or too low for them, the teacher can offer the chance to change to a different class.   

 Intermediate Private  Courses

With so much 1-1 time with a native speaker, private intermediate courses offer the student a real opportunity to really push their English to the next level at a very important stage in their English development.  The real advantage of the private courses is that students can get a lot of feedback on their conversation, and grammar mistakes that they make. It also allows for more intensive vocabulary drills, and allows the teacher more time to go through the grammar errors the student makes in conversation.  The great thing about the private course is that if you would like to follow the course at a slower pace, you can extend the course to however long you would like it. Also, if an article or discussion is not going to be to your interest, the teachers are trained to adapt materials and exercises to your preferences and individual learning style.   

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