How do lessons work?

Standard lessons are great for many different types of student.  Maybe you would like to improve your English in some way but you don't know how, or maybe you have very specific ideas about areas you would like to improve.  Standard lessons are really flexible in that you can choose how many lessons you want per week, and how long you want your lessons to be.  We can work around your schedule.  We offer lessons to all levels, and during the demo lesson the teacher can give you a full assessment of your English skills, as well as areas you need to improve. You can work with your teacher to build lessons in the style that you want them, according to areas they you personally need to improve on. As lessons progress, and as your teacher gets to know you better and better, your teacher will adapt the course materials to your language learning style as well as your hobbies and interests.

If you have any questions about any of our courses call  +420 606159704.  Alternatively,  contact us here or try a demonstration lesson with us!

Group Lessons

Group lessons can be very rewarding for students as they offer a great opportunity for learners to speak with classmates from all over the world.  As English is a truly global language, getting used to other accents is very important, and group classes offer this opportunity.  It also presents students with a chance to discuss current topics in depth with people from very different backgrounds, whilst improving language by learning from each other's mistakes. The size of the groups in the advanced group courses is usually 4, although sometimes it is less.  All students taking part in group lessons will be of the same level, our teachers are trained specifically to assess each student's level in an individual demo lesson in order to make sure everyone in the group can progress together.   If at any point a student feels that the level of the group is too high or too low for them, the teacher can offer the opportunity to change to a different class.   

Private Lessons

With so much 1-1 time with a native speaker, private classes offer a student a real opportunity to really push their English to the next level.  As mentioned above, with individual lessons the teacher can really adapt materials to your own needs.  Once the teacher gets to know your interests better, they can use articles and materials that they know you will find interesting. 1-1 lessons are also extremely flexible, lessons can be arranged to fit around your schedule, and homework is optional, according to how busy you are, and how high a priority English is in your life at the moment. Another real advantage of private lessons is thatas a student you can get so much feedback on your conversation, and the grammar mistakes that you make. Further lessons can then be based on mistakes the you are making, to keep the topic fresh.  Private lessons also allow for more intensive vocabulary drills.  

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