Verbs that Cannot be used in Continuous Tenses - Match the Sentence Halves

Move the sentence endings to match with the sentence beginnings, then click 'submit' to see how well you did.

1. Move the second halves of the sentences to match the first halves
this hostel, I can’t wait to leave!
staying in hostels
for the Grand Hotel, do you know where it is?
about your proposal, I will let you know tomorrow
a party this weekend, you are all invited!
people should live peacefully together
great! Where did you get that dress?
lots of wine on my French holiday!
a new car
amazing! We will have to come here again!
really terrible, I think I have a fever!
I feel that
I am feeling
I am thinking
This food tastes
I have been tasting
You look
We are looking
I have
I am having
I hate
I am hating


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