Wish Clauses Gap-Fill

Fill in the gaps with the correct form of an appropriate verb in the following sentences with 'I wish..'.  Some of the verbs are given in brackets, some of the verbs you have to think of yourself.  Then click submit to see how well you did!

1. Fill in the gaps with an appropriate verb in the appropriate tense.  Some of the verbs you need are already given in brackets.

I wish I harder at school when I was younger, maybe I would have a better job now!

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2. I wish he a bit louder, I can’t hear his speech from the back.

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3. I am really bad at making decisions, I wish I more decisive!

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4. Do you ever wish that you (take) the opportunity to travel when you were younger?

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5. I wish you (stop) telling me what to do all the time!

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6. I wish we on a beach right now, it’s so miserable here!

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7. I wish I (not let) you drive my car, I can’t believe you damaged it!

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8. I wish you (not sit) there on the sofa watching television all the time!

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